Fuego Lighter FAQ 2

How do I clean the burner plate? Use caution when cleaning burner plates as product may be hot. DO NOT clean burner plate unless the battery is turned off, the burner plate is completely cooled, and any debris within the burner plate has been extinguished. Unscrew burner plate from battery in a counter-clockwise direction. Gently shake burner Read more about Fuego Lighter FAQ 2[…]

Cigars 101, an overwiew

Cigars have long been associated with the rich and powerful, with relaxation and rich flavor. Cigar aficionados have created a culture around the art of smoking, assembling various theories and accessories to debate and facilitate smoking. Much like wine tasting, cigar smoking has been seen as a diversion of the upper echelons of society. It Read more about Cigars 101, an overwiew[…]

Making the perfect cut on your cigar

How to clip a cigar properly? Although every cigar aficionado has their own proven method, here are some basic guidelines to get you started. First, examine the head, or closed end, of the cigar. This is the part of the cigar that will need to be clipped. Determine where the ‘cap’ is. The cap refers Read more about Making the perfect cut on your cigar[…]

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