All Styles and Sizes

For the new smoker, the different styles and sizes of cigars can seem mind-boggling. It helps to know that all cigars can be divided into two broad categories: parejos and figurados. Parejos refers to cigars that are basically straight. They are subdivided into three categories: coronas, panatelas, and lonsdales. Coronas come in a variety of Read more about All Styles and Sizes[…]

Enjoying Red Wine A Beginners’ Guide.

The world of red wines is a heady, rich and wonderful world filled with everything from the nuanced subtlety of a gentle South African Merlot to the peppery richness of Sangre de Toro, “Blood of the Bull” from Spain. In general, many of the “rules” of wine drinking have been cast aside in today’s world, Read more about Enjoying Red Wine A Beginners’ Guide.[…]

Disadvantages of Home Brewing

Disadvantages   Now we’ll get into the disadvantages of home brewing your own beer or beverages. As discussed earlier, there are not near as many disadvantages as there are advantages. Besides the mess you’ll have, one disadvantage to making your own beer is the initial start-up costs.   If money and budget is a major Read more about Disadvantages of Home Brewing[…]

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