Fuego Lighter FAQ 2

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How do I clean the burner plate?

Use caution when cleaning burner plates as product may be hot. DO NOT clean burner plate unless the battery is turned off, the burner plate is completely cooled, and any debris within the burner plate has been extinguished. Unscrew burner plate from battery in a counter-clockwise direction. Gently shake burner to help dislodge larger debris or ash. Use a soft bristle brush and very gently sweep burner plate. DO NOT apply force when cleaning as this could damage burner plate.

How long does the burner plate last and when should I replace it?

Burner plates will eventually have to be replaced from natural wear and tear but when depends on how frequently they are used and under what conditions. If your burner plate is not heating quickly, flickers, is bent or misshapen, or is not heating to full capacity; it is time to replace your burner plate. We recommend having extra burner plates on hand in order to refresh your Fuego Lighter experience when you feel necessary.




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