Fuego Lighter FAQ

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1) How do I charge the battery and how long does it take?

Your Fuego Lighter comes partially charged; however, it is recommended to fully-charge the battery before initial use. Charge the battery by inserting the smaller end of the charging cable into the battery port located on the battery and plug the USB end into any live USB port. Charging time may take anywhere from one to three hours depending on usage and port strength.

2) How do I know it is fully charged?

When plugged in there will be a small red light underneath the battery port. This light will turn off when the battery is plugged in and fully charged.

3) How do I assemble my Fuego Lighter?

Screw the burner plate onto the battery base in a clockwise direction until it is hand tight.

4) How do I turn on the lighter?

Turn the lighter on by pressing the Fuego button located on the battery five times continuously. If done correctly the Fuego button will light up red.

5 )How do I use my Fuego Lighter?

Generally, it is a three-step process.

  1. Press the Fuego button five (5) times continuously in order to turn device on. The Fuego button will flash to indicate action. The Fuego button will not light up when pressed if the battery is off.
  2. When on, press and hold Fuego button down until the burner plate is red hot. Hold the Fuego button down throughout the entire cigar lighting process.
  3. GENTLY touch end of cigar to red hot burner plate and begin to puff as you would traditionally light a cigar with open flame. DO NOT push down or use excessive pressure or force on the burner plate as this could damage the burner plate. Note: Some larger cigars will naturally even out perfectly and come to a full burn as they are smoked.

WARNING! During and after this process components will be very hot! Use with caution and treat as an open flame to avoid fire or injury.

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