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If you’ve ever gone into a bar and observed beer drinkers, you’ll see that some will order the cheapest beer in the bar or drink whatever brand the bar happens to serve. These are not true connoisseurs of beer.

A true and serious beer drinker has specific ideas of what they want in their beer. This is another reason why many choose home brewing. They like a specific style of beer and thrive to get just the right taste. Often there is a certain taste or style of beer that is not available commercially in their area, so they home brew to have access to it at any given moment.

Home brewing is, for many, not only convenient but a way to get the “live beer” taste. Almost all beer that is made is pasteurized, so you’re not getting the natural taste. When beer is pasteurized, it has to be cooked, which takes out the carbonation. Commercial brewers “force carbonation” by taking the boiled off alcohol and mixing it with the pasteurized beer, which kills the yeast.

Without live yeast, the beer will not age properly, which affects the taste of the beer. Yeast not only improves the taste of beer, but the color and texture as well. The more beer ages, the better it tastes, which is a large reason why so many choose to home brew their own beer.

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